My Frustration Continues

Unfortunately, my frustration continues. Today I read this article wherein the author says, “The Chicago Sports Alliance isn’t just issuing statements. It’s taking action.” Apparently the Bears, Bulls, Cubs, Sox and Blackhawks got together and donated $300,000 to a couple of charities in response to the Uvalde Massacre. This is considered “taking action”.

Let’s put this in perspective.

The Bears, Bulls, Cubs, Sox, and Blackhawks have a combined net worth of over $14 billion. They just donated .002% of their combined net worth to those charities, and this is “taking action”.

According to this site, the average Illinois resident has a net worth of just over $690,000. Keeping things proportional, this is like that average resident donating $14 to those same charities. I’ll bet most of those people with a net worth of $690,000 spend that much on lunch on any given day.

This isn’t “taking action”. Taking action would be publicly supporting political candidates who actually do something about passing legislation to end gun violence. Taking action would be actively speaking out against those politicians who don’t. Taking action would be allowing the entire team to boycott a game or more until meaningful change happens similar to what the Milwaukee Bucks did a couple of years ago. That would be taking action. Donating what amounts to pocket change so you can wipe your hands of the issue and feel good about yourself isn’t taking action.

I'm Tired of the Lame-Stream Media

I’m so angry at our (I hate to use the term) “lame-stream media”. I tried listening to a podcast and of course they’re discussing the Uvalde Massacre and how or whether something political will be done.

Of course they talked about how after past massacres there seems to be momentum for change, but then “nothing happened”.

IT’S NOT THAT NOTHING HAPPENED!! It’s that ONE party, the Republican Party, refuses to do anything about the issue of gun violence. ONE PARTY refuses to bring any legislation to the floor. ONE PARTY filibusters anything that may actually make it to the floor. But the f-ing media never mentions that! They say, “nothing happened”, or they say “congress was unable to take action” without ever pointing out WHY nothing happened.

As long as the media refuse to lay blame where it belongs, the public will continue to be deluded into thinking it’s congress as a whole that is ineffectual when that simply isn’t true. It is the Republican Party that is solely responsible for the epidemic of gun violence in this country and the media refuses to say this.

Our democracy depends on a media that is unafraid of speaking truth to power and our media in this country is failing us.

Misoyaki Butterfish

Ok time to get off that topic. Last night on Oahu, last night of our vacation. Dena and I want to Roy’s and had the most amazing fish I’ve ever had for dinner. Now time for dessert.

What can be done? I think we need to elect people who commit to passing responsible gun ownership laws at the local, state and federal level. If you own a gun, you should be held responsible for what happens with it. Jim Wright proposed this years ago and I think it makes sense.

The Republican Party has consistently opposed any actions that would reduce the epidemic of gun violence in this country. If you vote for a Republican for any office you are supporting the continued mass murder of children in schools.

It’s that simple.

Waikiki Beach

Made it to Oahu the other day on the last leg of our trip. We’re pretty much just planning on chilling here by Waikiki Beach. Might go do stuff. Who knows? We’re on vacation. 🙂

And finally made our way up to Waimoku Falls. That’s a really tall waterfall!!

Spent today at Kipahuna which is on the south end of Haleakala National Park. This is a bamboo forest we walked through on our hike up the 7 pools. That was amazing.

View of Haleakala crater

This was the view of Haleakala crater from partway down. We walked a couple of miles down. They way back up was pretty tiring!

View from my Bedroom Window

In Maui. Staying at a Honey Bee Sanctuary and this is the view out the open door of our camper van. That would be the island of Kaho’ olawe out there. Tomorrow, up to the top of Haleakala to do some hiking!!

Off to Maui!

Embarking on the second phase of our trip, heading to the island of Maui for 4 days.

See that lump in the distance behind the cliffs? That’s Maui! For most of our time here we thought that was on this island. Nope. That’s a whole nuther island. See you there!


Dena and I at a luau on our last night on the big island.

Lava Tubes

And before the sunset we walked through some lava tubes.

Sunset from our balcony

On vacation on the big island of Hawaii.


Hike in the San Tan Mountains

Today Dena and I went for a hike in the San Tan Regional Park. It was a nice easy hike. About 4 miles but it was all pretty flat. The sun was out and it was kinda warm but we brought water. 

IMG 5341

Things are starting to bloom here in the desert. This is an Ocotillo cactus. 

IMG 5332

The creosote have some pretty yellow flowers with little white puff-balls on them. 

IMG 5335

I forget what this is called. Some sort of spiky thing. 

IMG 5337

And finally, watch out for rattlesnakes. A biker who just passed us saw it on the path up ahead and came back to warn us. That was very nice of them. By the time we got there, it moved under the bush. I kept my distance, the phone has a pretty good zoom on it. :) 

IMG 5338

That’s it. Had a good day so far. Catch you next time. 


Sunset in Holbrook.

Staying at the Wigwam Motel. But not in one of these unfortunately. 🙁

A cool double rainbow in Holbrook, AZ.

Something I’ve wondered about for a while. Nagy always seemed like a coach who wanted to run “his” offense but lacked the personnel (Trubisky & Co.) to do so. As a result, he got frustrated and gave up at times. Now that Trubisky is on another team, will that coordinator be able to get more out of him than Nagy was? Not sure we’ll ever find out since it’s doubtful Trubisky plays much this season, but he sure looks good against the Bears in preseason game 2 so far.

It’s unconscionable that the richest country in the world is unwilling to provide healthcare to its citizens. We would rather see them beg in the streets or go bankrupt than help them. It’s sad.

Ear worm of the day: King Herod’s Song from Jesus Christ Superstar.

LOL, learning something every time I post here. I just assumed my “replies” would be threaded somehow. :) It’s kinda fun feeling like a newbie again.

Guess I should have looked at my timeline before I posted! I’ll be honest, I’m not used to being part of an online community. Just a long time lurker on many places. I think I’ll reply to people individually.

Well, lookit that

Well, lookit that! I can now publish to straight from iA Writer. Nice.

Day 2 of microblogging. Next step, figure out how to connect this to, my “real” blog that I almost never use.