@crossingthethreshold thank you! This is our first time here and it’s just amazing. Sooo beautiful. Been trying to make this trip for 2 years now. Glad we’re finally here.

@rosemaryorchard Hey Rosemary, thanks for reaching out. My other site is at jimdab.com - I have my own domain hosted by github and I use Jekyll to manage the blog. TBH, I’m not sure what I want to do. I’m mostly just poking about capabilities and it seemed like linking the two might be useful.

@kaa Well that’s an interesting suggestion as well. Can we go both directions? Posts to micro.blog end up on my site and posts to my site end up here? FYI, my other site is simply at jimdab.com.

@SteveSawczyn Hey Steve, my other “real” blog is at jimdab.com. I have my own domain hosted on github and built with Jekyll. I’ve tried several kinds over the years and tend not to be happy with any of them. I’m a very slow-motion tinkerer.